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  • Where are you located?
    100 Route 17 South, Lodi New Jersey. Right under the underpass.
  • Do you serve any food?
    Yes Anthony’s Restaurant is located inside The Harem. We serve a range of all different cuisine from Italian food, steak, and bar food. We also are available on Uber Eats.
  • When are auditions?
    Sunday through Wednesday 6PM-9 PM. Must bring a valid ID upon entry.
  • How old do you have to be to enter?
    18 to enter, 21 to bring. Must bring a valid ID upon entry.
  • What can you bring to drink if you are 21+?
    Beer, Wine, and Champagne only. No hard liquor.
  • Do you serve drinks?
    We are a juice bar and serve only soft drinks.
  • Is The Harem couple friendly?
    Yes, we welcome everyone of age to enter.
  • How can I check who’s working?
    The line up is posted on Facebook every evening after 6 PM.
  • Is the Harem Handicap accessible?
  • Is there on site parking?
    Yes we have a full private parking lot.


If you do not see your question answered here please feel free to call us at 201 226-9300 during club operating hours.

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